SRS: This is an eyeopener and tells the real story of what England did to India.


I have travelled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such calibre, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation.


  1. Manjari says:

    Thank you Guru Maharaja. Sad what India has become in 170 years.

    Your servant,
    Manjari devi dasi

  2. Tim says:

    This is a very revealing statement. Hare Krishna.

  3. Urmila devi dasi says:

    Obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    This “quote” is bhogus. I did extensive research on it because I had planned to use it in a published paper. He never said the above words. This “quote” should be removed. I can share the details if you would like.

    Your servant, Urmila devi dasi

  4. Urmila devi dasi says:

    Obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

    Lord Macauley never said the above quote.

    Here is the real story:
    Lord Macauley, who went to India in the early 19th century, was responsible for the British remaking Indian education in the English medium, and based on the culture of Western Europe. He is famous for an essay he wrote about how he desired the crown to finance and organize education in India. He wrote,

    “We must at present do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern; a class of persons, Indian in blood and colour, but English in taste, in opinions, in morals, and in intellect…. I have never found one among them [Indians] who could deny that a single shelf of a good European library was worth the whole native literature of India and Arabia. The intrinsic superiority of the Western literature is, indeed, fully admitted…. It may be safely said, that the literature now extant in that language [English] is of far greater value than all the literature which three hundred years ago was extant in all the languages of the world together.” (1835/1958, p. 601)

  5. Sivarama Swami says:

    Please share the details of your research here Urmila Mataji

  6. vishak bhise says:

    No Indian can tolerate anything against INDIA, i would like to tell Urmila devi dasi that she cannot disgrace the greatness of this country, i think if she has something to prove than she is welcomed, but she could have told that in much soft lang,
    India is Great,always

  7. dorothy says:

    Why did lord macaulay design a new school system in india?

  8. Srikanth says:

    Do you have any credible references or citations to back up that post? Why don’t you go to British Indian Archives and check the original parliament statement made by the Lord? Can I provide you the link to the original speech of the Lord delivered in the British Parliament?

  9. Vraja-Kumara says:

    Dear Srikanth Prabhu, Please post the link to the original speech, it would be very interesting to see.

    Thank you.

    Your servant,
    Vraja-kumara das

  10. Jayaprakash says:

    Dear Srikanth, We are all waiting for the link to the original speech. Could you please post it.


  11. Dr O. P. Sudrania says:

    Jai Sri Krishna,
    Respectfully, I shall tend to agree with Urmila Devi Mataji. But I shall like to know of her work in relation to the references of the above quote. Is there a reference or there is none. What Urmila Mataji quotes is a totally separate quote, which we know from his 2nd Feb. 1835 minutes. Please clarify the ambiguity. My own searches has lead me to no where about the above paraphrase, i.e. it does not exist in his archives.

    Om Sudrania

  12. sarat chandra says:

    As many statements it’s aso controversial.Well all of us know something had happened when westerns invaded India.Even if that statement is false we can’t deny the cruelity they did with us in history people can also say that they had also helped the nation to grow but the intension behind that was not development that was completely absurd.Hence there are also few good points in their rule but there r many worst.AND I THINK IT’S THE TIME TO REGAIN TO REACH THE SUMMIT WHERE WE WERE NOT ONLY 170 YRS AGO BUT MORE BACK SO MUCH TALENTED AS WE WERE 5000 YRS AGO WHEN AT THE TIME OF VEDA VYASA,SO MUCH TECHNICALLY SKILLED AS WE WERE AT THE TIME OF MAHABHARATA AND SO MUCH POWERFULL AS WE WERE AT THE TIME OF CHANDRAGUPTA WHO DEFEATED ALEXEBDRA AND ASHOKA.AND MUCH MORE….!! AND WE WILL CAUSE WE HAVE THE SAME BOOLD STILL FLOWING IN THE BODY.AND MUCH MORE……….!!!
    A youth of the nation of the world

  13. Prof. Jagmohan Singh says:

    There are two errors in this quote,
    1. Macaulay was Secretary to the Board of Control from 1832 until 1833. After the passing of the Government of India Act 1833, he was appointed as the first Law Member of the Governor-General’s Council. He went to India in 1834. Serving on the Supreme Council of India between 1834 and 1838 he recorded the minutes of council. So 2nd Feb,1835 minutes refer to this and not to his speeches in British Parliament, whose member he became in 1838.
    2. This quote does not exist in his minutes or in any of speeches. He addressed the British parliament on education on 18 April,1847 which is in support of universal education in England

    It is requested that Swamijee please, please authenticate before putting on web, as truth is expected from a Guru.

  14. Dr O. P. Sudrania says:

    Dear Prof Jagmohan Singh,
    I am pleased to see your comment. I would like to point out, and I am sure- you may be well aware of, that this quote is not just put on this blog. It is on planning commission of India’s document- Vision India 2020, on BJP election manifesto, 2009 and has also been attributed to our most revered Ex-President of India, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam in his speech of convocation address delivered at Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi; though I have failed to authenticate it. I also failed to get a reply from him through his e-mail, although his speech in question is on internet too, but that does not include this paraphrase(isn’t it interesting). Another important place that comes to my mind is the Freedom Express started from New Delhi on September 28, 2007 (it was here I first time saw this quote). This has also been reported in ‘The Hindu’- Chennai on 18 January 2008. Besides this, I have described this paraphrase akin to a bathroom song in one of the blogs. It has also become a fashion (I hasten to apologize) by the so-called Macaulayites to spurt out their anglicised knowledge specially against the Hindus (again I apologize because this word apparently seems to be contagious and untouchable in MODERN INDIA) and Nationalists (no better a word either as nobody seems to be interested in buying it here) in India; though amazingly, it is being equally talked and frauned upon in Pakistan, Sri Lanka as well. If you dig more you may get more surprises.

    Now coming to the minutes of Lord Macaulay dated and attributed to him – “2nd February 1835” in the so-called British Parliament and is widely publicised on the internet and a lot of even British authors have confirmed in their writings; what is that then,please through some more light on that? We all know that Macaulay was in India on that date and had just arrived on 10th June 1834 after an arduous three months’ long sea voyage. Is the whole thing itself is a hoax as per your comment?

    With my loving regards.

  15. Further to my earlier post in response to Prof . Jagmohan Singh, please note the following additional information:
    (1)Lord Macaulay was MP from 1830 elected from the Pocket Borough of Calne, South West England.
    (2)After the Great Reforms Act 1832 or 1833(as some call it), he became MP from the Leeds.
    (3) He was then also made Secretary to the Board of Control from 1832 to 1833. (4) After the passing of the Government of India Act 1833 (cf. The Great Reforms Act), he was appointed as First Law Member of the Governor-General’s Council in India, earlier not wiling to go but money lured him. He was in a great financial crisis.
    (5) He was sent to India, where he arrived on 10 June 1834 at Madras to serve on the Supreme Council of India and stayed in India till early 1838. The exact date and month of his departure are not known in the available literature.
    (6) On his return to Britain in 1838, he was again elected MP from Edinburough. He was also made Secretary at War in 1839 and was sworn of the Privy Council the same year. These are all concurrent appointments.

    Now coming to Prof. Singh’s observation as reproduced below:
    “….Serving on the Supreme Council of India between 1834 and 1838 he recorded the minutes of council. So 2nd Feb,1835 minutes refer to this and not to his speeches in British Parliament, whose member he became in 1838.”

    I have to clarify that the above quote gives an impression of Macaulay being an office clerk. This is not only wrong connotation from the misinformation of the terminology employed, but would perhaps represent an insult to the stature of the man. He was a very senior respectable Member with due official accolades,perks and payments(Imagine a pay package of Sterling Pounds 10,000/year in 1834) and was sent out to India to perform some specific jobs, not as a mere clerk but as a Senior adviser to the then so called British India Government. This distinction has to be clearly understood.

    Now coming to his second point, where he says: “…He addressed the British parliament on education on 18 April,1847 which is in support of universal education in England”
    I might just add that this is not the present point or speech in discussion and will only serve to divert the attention from the point of contention. I might then add that to truly understand the meaning and intent of his actual minute, one can not grasp the whole truth unless one studies the political developments of the world around that period, specially the English speaking countries and their adversaries. That has greatly influenced the poetic phraseology of the whatever available Minutes and Speeches.

    I have just developped my one blogging site very recently to try to illucidate these highly contentious issues. It will take me sometime to fully operate it for the viewers. URL is provided in the box.

    So much about the Lord Macaulay. Now coming to the above vociferous and vehement quote, I do agree that this does not form a part of “the available language and lexicon of the present day Macaulay’s Minutes of 2nd February 1835.I had already asserted it earlier. Nonetheless, think of the following powerful sources they have quoted: (1)Dr. S.P. Gupta, Chairman of the subcomittee, Planning Commission of India Document- India vision 2020 (2) ‘The Freedom Express’ 2007 run by HRD Ministry, Govt of India, in comemoration of the 150th year of first independence struggle in 1857. (3)The BJP Election manifesto of 2009 Parliamentary elections, prepared by Dr. Murali Manohar Joshi (4) An unconfirmed but finger being pointed out at – Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Ex- President of India is said to have refered this quote in his convocation Address at Jamia Milia Islamia Universty, Delhi. Though my frantic seach has not confirmed it. (5) Anand Brig AC. La Voix-Medical education in India: moments of pensive introspection. Tropical Gastroenterology 2009.30(1):54-58.(6) These are some of the most respected references; besides that, I made an obtuse remark in one blog against this rant, “It has become like a bathroom song”. There is so much heat generated on the internet, you can not believe it. Anybody is lible to fall to the trap.

    Therefore I can not single out to belittle the Revered Guruji for making this small innocuous and innocent reference. I think he is perfectly justified in his concern. He is a poor religious devotee and away from the politics, but awareness of the environment is a concern for everybody who has to breath the ambient air. Our lack of such awareness has been and still is the cause of the downfall this Nation is facing. There has to be a creation of the right form of vision from mindblindness to blindsightness.

    Dr. O. P. Sudra

  16. Dr O. P. Sudrania says:

    Here is a link for further information


    With kind regards

  17. krishna says:

    We know Macaulay made rude and unproven remarks (even otherwise, other than the above quoted) in many of his speeches and minutes and changed the direction of our country towards ruining our own history and culture, rather suppressing the actual History of Mankind on this Earth. { ” to encourage the study of a literature admitted to be of small intrinsic value, only because that literature inculcates the most serious errors on the most important subjects, is a course hardly reconcileable with reason, with morality, or even with that very neutrality which ought, as we all agree, to be sacredly preserved. It is confessed that a language is barren of useful knowledge. We are to teach it because it is false History, false Astronomy, false Medicine, because we find them in company with a false religion.” – Macaulay minute on education 2nd Feb 1835 } He decided everything is false and 100 million people had nothing to say, even today !
    But still after 63 years of independence in India why are we not objecting and correcting the children History books (4th to 12th Std) and B.Ed curriculum material offered by all universities which are still giving wrong info about Macaulay (and also Maxmuller). Our present generation of students are getting misled, away from the truth ! Of course, from our own culture and purity of thought.

  18. akhila says:

    both quotes seem quite similar to me,at least in essence.in the so called bogus quote he seems to be almost praising vedic culture,but his intention in both of the quotes is to undermine vedic culture in order to control and dominate india.akhila dasa