Vraja Project
September 1st, 2007

“Devotees who beautify the holy dhama are beautified with twenty-six qualities.”

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu instructed His followers, the six Goswamis, to reveal the holy sites that lay uncovered in Sri Vrindavan, that devotees would visit, worship, glorify, beautify, and become constantly absorbed in the transcendental places of Radha and Krishna’s pastimes.

The Vraja Project offers devotees worldwide a rare opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the six Goswamis and Srila Prabhupada, and engage in this most wonderful devotional service of beautifying the sacred sites of the holy dhama with parks, gardens, and memorials.

As devotees in years to come tread the paths of New Vraja Dhama through Nandagram, Varsana, Radha-kunda, Vrinda-kunda, and all the holy sites, they will pause at those places, gather under the shade of trees, sit amongst the gloriously scented gardens, and hear and chant the glories of the holy dhama in sites marked by beautiful pavilions.


The opportunity to participate in the establishment of these pavilions and gardens is available through the Vraja Project. There will be one pavilion at Mathura, Gokula, Varsana, Nandagram, Kamyavana, Raman Reti, and Surya-kunda, and two each at Govardhana and Yamuna. The cost for each pavilion will be:

5 000 000 Ft
Euro 20 000 or
GBP 16 000

To learn how to sponsor a pavilion, send an email to the Vraja Project, and we’ll respond immediately with details.

Jaya Jaya Radhe! Jaya Jaya Syama! Jaya Sri Vrindavan Dhama!

One Response to “Vraja Project”

  1. Dr Gurucharan Singh says:

    Very nice project which will inspire and encourage devotees to become vrajavasis and lessen the effects of kaliyuga and modernday pseudosphostication. Maharaj please bless me so that i am able to help you in this project