Dayal Nitai dasa asks three questions
November 23rd, 2010

How would cursed devotees counteract their curses, who do the Vraja-vasis think is God, and if all jivas become Brahma, where does our sadhana come in when Brahmas automatically go back to Godhead? Read the rest of this entry »

Russian Skype conference with disciples on regaining faith in the holy name, the subject of Brahma’s meditations, and why Krsna shows himself to motivated persons like Daksa and not to us. (Russian/English)
September 28th, 2010
B. Sumon (London), asks
August 13th, 2010

I found that when sastra talks about ‘devotee’ it can mean either someone who is practicising sadhana-bhakti or someone who is a pure devotee. How can one ascertain which ‘devotee’ the sastra is referring to from context to context? Read the rest of this entry »

The miraculous effects of associating with and serving great devotees
June 14th, 2010