Tarun Krsna asks
May 10th, 2011

“If we have free will how is it that astrology can predict our future and that Krsna (and liberated sages) can know the future?”

One Response to “Tarun Krsna asks”

  1. gina says:

    That was an interesting question. I’ve practiced drawing up birth charts and different types of Astrology for years. Maharaja is right of course.. the birth chart is our karma. Nothing more than that. I now realise we do not have any free will to change it as it unfolds in time – only Krsna can do that. Our only free will is to surrender – otherwise we are just puppets in the hands of the modes of material nature. Those modes acting according to our past desires and activities and our reactions to these events, create our future. {though those reactions are already ‘existing’ – which creates the paradox about free will) As Maharaja points out – outside of material time it is all visible. We are just actors on the stage, the script is aleady written we just play our part – it is an illusion of material energy that we are ‘free’ agents – our only freedom is to get out of here.