Varsana dd asks “Should devotees keep dogs?”
October 22nd, 2010

One Response to “Varsana dd asks “Should devotees keep dogs?””

  1. Haridasa Thakura dasa says:

    Hi Maharaj,
    I remember at Isvara’s you were so genuinely kind to Isvara’s dog. I was impressed at how kind you were with that happy licking dog.
    I saw this link on one of Gauri’s threads regarding devotees keeping dogs. This what I said before I saw your link.
    The dogs in the Lords pastimes were not ordinary dogs. If we really want something we will contrive a way to justify it. I have never liked dogs although I have never mistreated one. I have tried many times to understand why, but I’ve never got to the bottom of it. I have noticed that a lot of lonely people have dogs as a dog can’t argue or talk back. The only reason I see for having a dog in society (apart from protection) is the propensity for reposing love, but surely it is not in our best interests to practice it on dogs? Lets rather place our loving propensity where it can do most good and where we need the most practice; our devotee friends! So, I can’t stand their poop on the footpaths and in the parks and as was mentioned earlier their incessant barking at night. Did you know that there are 6000 tons of dog poop passed in America every day? Bacterially it is very harmful as it can cause blindness and you cannot use it as compost. Why are there dogs in the first place? Let’s just give them loads and loads of prasadam and send them all back to Godhead!
    Anyway, nice to contact you again. I always have nice thoughts about you.
    Your servant and friend,
    Haridasa Thakura dasa.