Taking a shower outside this morning
June 9th, 2010

reminded me of how complicated we have made life and how we should always strive to live simply.

2 Responses to “Taking a shower outside this morning”

  1. Vraja-kumara das says:

    Pamho. AgtSP. Open for discussion? I would just like to say that this is a very nice podcast that seems to condone my personal chosen way of life. As pointed out, Prabhupada said London is hell so this confirmation along with a big helping of Krishna’s mercy brought me here to Rio de Janeiro, where climate is tropical and generally very nice. I sincerely believe that day-to-day climatic experience directly affects quality of life and in turn mental, emotional and physical health. I have often thought about South India as a permanent base, but wonder about the problems with language, Tamil etc, and Maoist communist insurgency, terrorism etc., which is another frightening aspect that by Krishna’s mercy is absent here. Maybe someone could illuminate us on the situation there for foreigners?

    As Srila Prabhupada often said, “Simple living, high thinking.” Is it not in a devotee’s best interests to implement this as far as possible in life?

    Thank you Guru Maharaja once again for your excellent presentation.

    Your servant,
    Vraja-kumara das

  2. Bh Colin says:

    Thank you Maharaja for putting this so succinctly.
    Most of us who find ourselves in the unfortunate predicament of city dwelling can well attest to the exhaustive and extreme difficulties that we endure just to keep our heads financially above water.

    There must be some alternative to this kind of existence even in such an inhospitable climate as we find in the UK.
    It would be enlightening either to hear,or discuss how we can extricate ourselves-without simultaneously becoming impoverished both materially and spiritually-from our present dilemma.

    Thank you very much Maharaja for sharing with us your thoughts on modern materialistic society,it is simply wholesale slaughter.
    As you said,we should step back from it before it kills us.

    Your servant,
    Bh Colin.