24 Jun: Cakora Birds
June 24th, 2008

Answering some accumulated questions…

  • Do cakora birds really exist, or is the mention of them poetic expression?
  • Cow protection and self sufficiency.

  • Acting as one’s own guru: how to reconcile seemingly contradictory scriptural statements.
  • There is little qualification in the world that allows people to use logic to determine their path.

45 Responses to “24 Jun: Cakora Birds”

  1. rupamati dd says:

    Dear Guru Maharaja,
    Please accept my humble obeisances.
    I did not read “Govinda Lilamrita”. Someone gave me this quote because it was relevant to an article that I am writing for the magazine in Bulgaria.
    your servant Rupamati devi dasi

  2. Sivarama Swami says:

    Dear Rupamati. I am glad you did not read GL. However I cannot imagine that there is a magazine in the world whose readership is qualified to read that quote . If you want to talk about cakoras, just say they exist. Don’t involve Srimati Radharani in it.

  3. rupamati says:

    Thank you, Guru Maharaja.
    your servant Rupamati dd