18 Sept: (Day 13) Vrindavan
September 18th, 2007

Entering the village of Vrindavan…

  • The first sponsors of the Vraja Project: Abhirama das, Parasurama das, and Gadagraja das.
  • Krishna’s resting place after lifting Govardhana Hill, where the older gopis fed Him.

  • Nimbarkhacarya, the incarnation of the Sudarshan cakra, lived here for 1,000 years.
  • The rasa dance: as many times as we have kirtan, that many times Krishna is having His kirtan–in the morning, during the day with the cowherd boys, and in the evening with the gopis.
  • The rasa dance is continual: there is not only one.

  • Talks of Krishna’s pastimes should match the advancement of the audience, otherwise it is an offense against the holy name: Srila Prabhupada speaks of this in the introduction to the KRSNA Book.

Rasa dance

  • It is natural for all living entities to desire to participate in the rasa dance.
  • We pray to Lord Rama to become the loving servants of Krishna, as the municari gopis did–it is not easy, but Caitanya Mahaprabhu makes it easy for us.
  • Krishna told the gopis they could achieve more by worshipping His deity form than attaining His personal association: which wasn’t what they wanted to hear.
  • The gopis’ coming to Krishna: Yogamaya’s arrangement.
  • Krishna leaves Srimati Radharani.

  • Ranga-mahal: Srimati Radharani’s dream of a beautiful, golden youth who was chanting the holy names.
  • Srimati Radharani instructs Krishna on playing the flute.
  • Visakha-kunda: created by Krishna.
  • Seva-kunja: site of the rasa dance, and where Krishna serves Radha.
  • Krishna’s toe-prints in the dust of Vraja.
  • The houses here are representative of a main deity of Vrindavan, or the saints who lived there or left their bodies there.
  • The Swami Step: the gopis danced it in the rasa dance.
  • The house where Maharaja stays is the Radha Damodara temple, and the bhajan kutir of Srila Prabhupada. Nearby is Advaita-vata.
  • The ladies’ ashram is the samadhi of Syamananda Pandita, and where Srimati Radharani made a tilak from her ankle bell for him.

Syamananda finds the ankle bell of Sri Radha

  • Raman Reti: the pastime place of the cowherd boys.
  • Gurudeva Bhavan: the Krishna Balarama Mandira–and, of course, the tamal tree, where Radha and Krishna meet.

Tamal tree in the courtyard of the Krishna Balarama Mandira

  • Receiving the mercy of Krishna in the same way as Gajendra the elephant.
  • Krishna massaging Radharani’s feet, then leaving Her.

  • The site where Rupa Goswami found Vrinda-devi. The kunda is the tears of Lord Brahma.
  • The homes of the residents in New Vraja Dhama and the holy sites manifested there.