Different types of trees, their potencies and spirituality

Scripture is the ultimate authority and the acharyas are the ultimate authority on scripture

Never give up the fight with maya

Discussion with Adi-guru on remembrance of Caitanya-lila

Recording the Xmas Vlog

Krsna Valley parrots in the winter

Gita Jayanti 2017
Participate in the Gita Jayanti Book Sponsoring Marathon. Live on mayapur.tv more...

The blessings of Gita-jayanti doubled!
This year the double blessing Gita-jayanti confers upon the participants continues to flow. more...

Some tryout bhajans in NVD

First kirtana before Radha Syama
Wish you would have been here.

Pre marathon kirtana in Budapest

Long recorded Govardhana-vasa-prarthana-dasaka
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